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Working together to help teens received their Drivers License.

Do You Remember Achieving Your Driver’s License?

I do…. it was the most exciting day of my life. This license enabled me to go to work, school, see family, and created an open door for me to succeed in life. Now if I didn’t have the support of my mom, dad, friends, and family. My life would have been a lot different than now. Just imagine turning down a $16.25hr job because you have no form of transportation to get there. For many people in our community this is a harsh reality. Today a driver’s license is a necessity in order to go out in the world. For many foster teens this will never happen. The organizations that represent them can only get the car not the license. And or absolutely not allow to train or practice with the teen. Even when the driving school discounts and donate time. This only can help a small number of foster teens. Please donate to help us give these teens the opportunity to achieve their driver’s license. This wonderful program is created by AW Driving School to help people in our Lehigh Country area who are unable to achieve their driver’s license. Those who will benefit from donations will be foster care Teens, and people who are recommended by an organizations. To sign up for program Please email recommendation letter to

How We Help?

By offering a greatly discounted 12 hour package, meanwhile if the student has reach their maximum amount of hours. AW Driving School will continue the service free of charge until student has earned their driver’s license.

How To Sign Up?

  1. Student must be in good standing with a youth organization
  2. Letter of enrollment must be presented by organization
  3. Student must have a PA Learners Permit
  4. Student must be 18 years old and older

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