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Who we are and why we love doing it…..

Build Confendence

We work hard to help our students build confidence in themselves and driving ability. By having only one on one instruction and attention to student’s needs.

Safety Net

We insure to have the best safety equipment and our instructors are trained for a minimum of 80 hours. We are one of the few driving schools in PA with a 0 accident rating with insurance company.

Problem Solvers

From 16 and up there is no student that is too hard to teach. Our instructors are patient and understanding that not every student is the same, nor should be taught the same.

Parent Worried Free

We work with parents to build confidence with the teen driver. This understanding of why-teens-do-what-they-do is based on helping the parent feel conferrable when practicing in between lesson. But for the parents who are in fear no worries we have special programs that are parent practice free.

About Us AW Driving School

Our Community including the Pennsylvania Department of Education has trusted the AW Driving School for many years with the task of teaching safe driving school tectonics and defensive driving skills to their teenagers, friends, spouses and others from many walks of life. The driving school started out in Allentown, Bethlehem, and Easton area of Lehigh County Pennsylvania  Our mission is to provide a safe environment to teach our students to become safe and effective drivers.Our instructors believe that safety and awareness on the road can be archived with early driver education. With this in mind our reputation shows that we are and will remain the best driver’s education school in teaching students from youth to adults and beyond. 

  • First Time Passes 86%
  • Second Time Passes 98%
  • Customer Satisfaction 98%
Andre Wilkerson

Andre Wilkerson

Co-Owner / Instructor

Andre is a very funny laid back instructor. who in his spare time enjoys mentoring and creating 3D animations.

Sasha Wilkerson

Sasha Wilkerson

Co-Owner / Instructor

Sasha is a very funny and talkative instructor. In her spare time, she enjoys Extreme couponing and Donating hauls to needy families.

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